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January 1, 2013: "Looking for Mr. Steiglitz"

Final edit nears completion with Doug Werby in San Francisco as original score is being created by Stephen Barber and Carl Thiel (Machete, Sin City, Kill Bill) in Austin Texas. Effects compositing will begin this month in Santa Fe with Anthony Riazzi (Matrix, X-Men, Good Shepard) of Santa Fe Digital. Digital conform is being managed by Kim Sayler at Color Flow in Berkeley California and color correction in Santa Fe with our director of photography David J. Schweitzer.

July 1, 2012: "Looking for Mr. Steiglitz"

2nd unit photography by David Schweitzer and Trevor Howe is complete and ready for edit.

November 12,2011: "Looking for Mr. Steiglitz"

Principal photography has been completed in Santa Fe at the Greer Garson Studios and on location. Edit will immediately begin with Doug Werby in San Francisco.

May 27th, 2011: “Looking for Mr. Stieglitz”

Production begins in mid July under the capable hands of Erica Mchaffy who will produce this short film, starring Rachel de la Torre and Tone Forrest, directed by Steve Zeifman with cinematography by David Schweitzer.

March 30th, 2011: “Looking for Mr. Stieglitz”

We decided to produce a short, “Looking for Mr. Stieglitz.” This vignette, a fictional encounter between Georgia O’Keeffe and Hodge Kirnon has been added to the 291 feature script and most importantly will allow us to finally begin the project later this year. We cast Rachel de la Torre as the young O’Keeffe. Her screen test with our Hodge Kirnon, Tone Forrest, was a great success. In addition, have found a fantastic production designer, Chadney Everette. In the fall, Howard Stein will post produce it in the Bay Area with Doug Werby to edit and Alfred Owens to do music and sound design. Michael Schwab Studios will do graphics and titles.

May 31, 2010: 291 Builds A Cast and Crew

During the last year we have been busy putting together the team. Santa Fe has brought us one of our principal players, Tone Forrest as Hodge Kirnon. A producer is now on board, Erica Mehaffy as well as a cinematographer, David Schweitzer and other important members of the crew have been added to the roster. Additional casting and plans to begin shooting are being firmed up as we refine the script and finishing putting the crew together.

March 1st 2009: 291 has a director

Steve Zeifman, writer, producer has made the decision to direct his long held property, 291 ~ O'Keeffe and Stieglitz in the Beginning. This original screenplay created nearly 20 years ago has now resurfaced with Steve in Santa Fe New Mexico. "The decision was made to make this film here in Santa Fe now that the resources have finally come to the state and the creative community is awash with the talent necessary to take this wonderful story to the screen," according to Zeifman. Pre-Production and casting for 291 has begun as well as the decision to shoot this independent film on the "Red Camera," the latest technology in film making. Some of the team has already been assembled and the first location & studio tests may occur in the late summer or early fall. Zeifman was previously a founder of On Tape Productions, Red Sky Films and Planet Point in San Francisco as well as a Program Development Executive for a PBS Affiliate on the West Coast.