291 The Movie

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The Story

291 is the story of how this remarkable relationship began. It takes place in 1916 as Alfred Stieglitz, the photographer, struggles to keep his gallery in New York open and his own artistic drive alive. Georgia O'Keeffe has taken a job in Texas, teaching art. She is on the path of discovery. He has seen her work and knows it is significant. She inspires him.

There at 291 Fifth Avenue, Hodge Kirnon, a most articulate elevator man from the West Indies becomes Stieglitz' friend and confidant. His enlightened narrative both shares the nuance of their lives and his own struggle for equality in a world that tolerates hate and mediocrity.

While Stieglitz' marriage and career is deteriorating, Georgia finds her passion in the West. Now desperately in love, Stieglitz sends his young protégé, Paul Strand to Texas to bring her back to New York, Hodge finds the courage to face his fears and Georgia makes her most important decision. In the end it is a compelling force that draws them closer and closer together, finally joining in a collaboration of creativity, self esteem, and love that marks the beginning of the modern art movement in America and the Harlem Renaissance.